Chanel’s tribute to Greece as “the origin of beauty and culture”


I couldn’t have loved a collection more than Chanel’s Cruise 2017-2018. Inspired by ancient Greece, “The Modernity of Antiquity”, as Karl Lagerfield named the collection, portrays the spirit of a Greek Goddess, reimagined. And if Gucci was denied permission, just only a few months ago, to hold their catwalk show in front of the Parthenon in Athens, Karl Lagerfeld brought the Parthenon to the Grand Palais in Paris.

White like the marble, gold like the sun, blue like the aegean sea. These are the true colors of Greece and they make Chanel’s Cruise 2017-2018 palette. Which is another reason why I love this particular collection. In December 2016 my final project in Art and Design in Fashion for the UHMC was named “Greek Goddess”.  And this is how I  imagined her modern version… With drapes, crowns and everything. Maybe Karl should have consulted me? After all I studied Greek Culture!


Please don’t judge my drawing skills,  it was my initiation in fashion design and sketching. I have improved since then 🙂

Anyways, you may watch and admire Chanel’s full collection here:

Chasing Rainbows

Here I am after a long time. After a long journey. After lots of thinking. The beginning of a new adventure.

I said goodbye to Bahrain. I won’t miss the Kingdom as I am in Paradise. But I will certainly miss my friends there.  I already do.

And where exactly am I? What am I doing?

Far, far away. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But so close to the House of the Sun.

Living the life the way it should be. Simple.

Chasing Rainbows after the storm on Maui. Enjoying my every ride to and from home. Filling my lungs with oxygen and my heart with joy. Bathing in sun and salty water. Sipping sunsets and nature’s little wonders. Stargazing. Gulping the love of the Creator.

I’m settled but yet I’m not. I will be here to tell you all about it.

Love you all,




Beauty Treasure from S. Korea

On my recent trip to Seoul I explored the “mystery” of Korean beauty: flawless skin, porcelain complexion and an impeccable, radiant appearance, who wouldn’t want to know how they do it?

Since the invention of the BB cream that took east and west by the storm, it seems S. Korea is investing a lot in the beauty industry and sets the trends in skincare. Today there exist numerous Korean brands that have gained the attention and trust of an international clientele as well as many sought-after Korean beauty products that seem to deliver their promises.

After hovering around many shops and stalls I decided to concentrate on two brands this time and try some of their well known products. Tony Moly is a very popular and affordable brand (check your local Sephora as they might be carrying their products) whereas Sulwhasoo is an upscale company, more on the expensive side.

As for the latest beauty trends, these involve the use of ginseng, snail ferment secretion, gold and recently there has been a shift on products containing hyaluronic acid. Koreans are obsessed with face masks usually made of a face-shaped cotton sheet infused with different emulsions for different needs. So far I have tried Tony Moly’s Goat Milk Extract mask and although it scared the hell out of my daughter seeing me wearing it, I enjoyed its benefits. Yet I’m waiting for the right moment (and with my daughter asleep) to try on the Snail Mask and the Red Ginseng mask that claim to provide Skin Repair and Shine respectively. The Mask Sheets are a very affordable option as they are sold per piece so you can try the product before you buy the whole line.

One thing I really liked about Tony Moly is their sense of humor and cuteness on some of their packaging for products (probably) addressed to younger ages. So next time people roll their eyes seeing you taking a banana out of your expensive purse, you can face them straightforward: “it’s my hand cream, you silly!” Oh, and it smells like a real banana! Same for the apple hand-cream or the peachy lip balm, what you see is what you smell and what you get. As for the Bamboo Fresh Water Soothing Mist, in a bottle actually resembling a bamboo stick,  I think I’m gonna stick to it. Up until now I was using my own mix of orange blossom water and Body Shop’s E Vitamin mist to either freshen up my face during the hot days of summer or on top of make-up to make it stay for longer. But I found this bamboo water equally -if not more- satisfying.

With my buys the ladies at Tony Moly gave me many samples to try as well as the Nutra Energy Toner with organ oil, in regular size (80 ml) which cleanses perfectly my skin and prepares it for the next steps in my skincare routine. As I always check the ingredients of the products I intend to buy, I was happy to see that none of them contain parabens (unless they are renamed in some way but I don’t think so).

And now the real treasure out of my lot: Gold 24 Snail Sleeping Pack. Pure gold, fermented and snail ferment secretion as well as panax ginseng callus extract are combined in one powerful formula with multiple benefits: wrinkle improvement, whitening, pore tightening, skin texture improvement, moisture and nourishment supply. I only have one word: AMAZING. The formula is a gold-yellowish gel (a little sticky in the beginning of application but it is absorbed quickly) that works as a mask, only you don’t have to wash it off. Instead you sleep with it and you just wash your face the next morning and look at your mirror: Your skin looks fresh, plumped and radiant! It’s the only product I have used so far with actual results from the first application! Just try it and you won’t regret it.

I literally struck gold with this one! 

Another Korean beauty “must have” is the cushion. The cushion is make-up, powder, bb cream, cc cream, sun protector, all of them and none of the above, it’s a separate category itself. It is actually a tinted emulsion which sits under a sponge. When pressed with the provided puff, the sponge delivers the product which can then be applied on the face by patting gently with the puff. The result is flawless, smooth, porcelain-like complexion in only one go.

Looking for the best cushion I read very good reviews on the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion. I didn’t need much more to be convinced to try it as since the first day I arrived in Seoul I was told again and again about this cosmetic company’s high quality products. The Perfecting Cushion comes in different shades and has SPF50. It might seem expensive (60,000 S. Korean Won, aprox. 50 USD) but it’s not considering the fact that it comes with an extra cushion which can replace the first one once it has dried out. In any case, for the miracle it offers on my skin it’s worth every penny!

The saleslady at the Sulwhasoo was also very generous to give me a full miniature set of their famous Ginseng beauty line and I can’t wait to try them!

It’s your turn now.. What is your opinion on the Korean beauty products? Have you tried any and if yes which ones would you recommend?

Olive Touch in Bahrain

We all know the benefits of olive oil to our health and wellbeing. Nevertheless, due to it’s chemical structure known to resemble our body’s natural oils, it is one of the most effective and powerful ingredients used by modern cosmetology. Greek cosmetics firm Olive Touch uses organic olive oil as the base for their complete line of face, body and hair personal care and they are now available in Bahrain. All you have to do is call Lilian at +973 34523151 to be informed of their top quality products or place your order.
Lilian will also be at the market organized in Janabiya Garden Compound in support of Young Athletes Bahrain, this Saturday 13/6 from 4 pm to 7:30pm so it’s a good opportunity for you to have a look on Olive Touch products.
Personally I tried their hand and nail cream which is of light texture, doesn’t feel greasy yet it moisturizes and conditions my tired hands instantly, as well as their body butter which is much heavier in texture but it leaves my skin summer perfect sheen and silky soft. In both the products I really loved the smell, a fresh scent. The prices are very affordable too with the hand cream at 5 bd and the body butter at 7 bd. Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 12.49.18 PM
The reviews I have been receiving on their face products though tempt me to try at least their firming face serum and I am thinking of buying it at the market if it will still be in stock…


#signaturescent : Jo Malone

It was a british scented afternoon, and a warm embrace for the launch of Jo Malone‘s boutique at Bahrain’s City Center Mall. Debbie Wild, Lifestyle Director, traveled all the way from UK and  introduced us all who attended the special event, to the arts of fragrance combining and gift giving in a unique way.


The set up at Le Meridien’s Baharat Restaurant resembled a family dinner as per Debbie and we couldn’t agree more. The atmosphere was friendly and pleasantly fragrant :). Tea and pastries were served but we were mainly anticipating to open our gifts that were gracefully placed on our plates.


Velvet Rose and Oud Cologne.

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 11.27.07 PM

Although I like smelling it on others, I’m not a fan of Oud but certainly I didn’t expect that it could be tailored to my liking simply by mixing it up with another scent!
Debbie impressed everyone with her ability to memorize all the names of the guests. And believe me they were many.
After her short talk Debbie invited us at the perfume bar where she helped us experiment with the fragrance combining concept taking into consideration our personal preferences. And surprise – surprise! My new Velvet-Rose & Oud cologne when combined with my favorite Peony and Velvet Blush, becomes so light, sweet and delicious!
After that I wanted more! and more! A crisp and fresh combination from heaven: Wild Bluebell and Red Roses. The combinations are endless and you can experiment online here, although nothing compares to the real deal so better hit Jo Malone’s boutique at City Center for a profound experience. Trust me, your senses will thank you!

The Apivita Experience


I have expressed before my love for the Apivita products and have posted about this Greek company’s holistic approach to beauty which remains faithful to Hippocrates’ philosophy. I always come back to Bahrain from Greece with a suitcase full of their products and keep enough stock in my bathroom cupboard so I won’t be left without my favorite facial cream, my shower gel and soaps, my body moisturizer, essential oils but also honey, tea and kid’s amenities.
This time, during my stay in Greece I wanted to fully indulge myself by visiting the 5-storey Apivita Experience store situated in the heart of Athens.  Inspired by beehives and with an olive tree domineering on the ground floor, this beautifully decorated shop has everything you need: A juice bar where you can enjoy healthy juices and teas, a hair salon/barber-shop, a beehive spa (!), a natural pharmacy for custom-made cosmetics and a lecture room where you can learn all you need to know about beauty in various seminars organized by the company.
Dimitra and me with my new hairstyle
After enjoying a refreshing juice I decided I should give my hair a little treat and I entrusted my tresses to the hands of Dimitra who used  natural hair dyes to enhance my color and gave me a simple, yet sophisticated hair cut. I was really impressed by the results and how soft my hair was after the treatment and I highly recommend you check this shop out when being in Athens.

Beach Perfect in 5 steps

As we are getting closer to summer, the stress on how our body will look in a bikini is overwhelming. So start planning from now, adjusting your diet and exercise regime to avoid panicking the last minute. Everything is possible as long as you stick to your goal and your goal should be to be happy with your image. Here are some tips to help you tone your body and boost your self-confidence before you hit the beach.
1. Stop Complaining and Set Up your (realistic) Goals.
photo credit: via photopin cc
No one is perfect and life is not a magazine.  We said before: flawless beauty is itself a flaw. So instead of whining about your big buttocks, your saddle bags or your mushy thighs look at the big picture and ask yourself: What do you feel is your best feature? This should draw away your attention from the parts of your body that could need some work and drive you to a more positive attitude to achieve your goals. It’s a fact: by concentrating on the negative aspects you only attract more negative aspects utterly sabotaging your own efforts. So positive thinking is the key. Loving and respecting yourself should give you the mind frame to set up realistic goals. Start slowly and aim for weekly tangible goals that give you the achievement thrill “Yeah! I did it!” and leverage your motivation to go for more.
2. Start Meditating
photo credit: RelaxingMusic via photopin cc
No need to emphasize the effects of stress on the body and mind. Stress can cause hypothyroid and this is no good news for your metabolism or body weight management, not to say your overall health. Meditation helps your body relax and drop adrenaline levels and it is proven to even alter gene expression! Plus when meditating, you can visualize yourself in your ideal state and reinforce your positive thinking. There are plenty of guided meditations on the web, even iPhone applications that can help you get it right, at least if you are new to this approach. You may check The Chopra Center or Erick Brown Subliminal Guided Meditation available at iTunes or any other meditation available doing a simple google search.
3. Exercise
photo credit: hey mr glen via photopin cc
There is no excuse: if you want to feel and be healthy you have to get your body moving! Even a 20 minutes walk every day is considered therapeutic, if you have no time for the gym. Alternatively you could exercise at home, there are so many quick and efficient programs out there on the web. I highly recommend Yoga Journal’s 21 Day Challenge available for both newbies and intermediate yoga students as your day’s class is delivered straight to your email and you also get nutrition tips and healthy recipes too! If you don’t even have 20 minutes to spare, check Ramona Braganza‘s, short clips where you may even find less than 4 minutes workouts for before you walk -not the red this time,but- the “sandy carpet” 🙂
4. Follow a Healthy Diet
photo credit: tedeytan via photopin cc
No exercise however strenuous can outdo a trashy diet. Exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand. So make sure you implement healthy eating habits and take control of your diet. And when I say “diet” I certainly don’t mean starvation, nor the miracle diets or magic pills and teas. You heard about before and perhaps even experienced the yo-yo effects of such “easy fixes”. Try to eat lots of veggies and fruits and respond to your cravings by offering yourself healthy alternatives. If you are not sure what is best for your body it’s always better to spend some money and consult a nutrition expert. A visit would be best but still there are plenty of books on healthy eating or even e-books with online support communities to help you stick to your choice. In any case check the reviews and use common sense to listen to your body and its needs. Also you may have a look at the free healthy eating tips from USDA or Harvard’s healthy eating plate and pyramid explained below.
HEPApr2013As a final but important step make sure you drink lots of water. Eight to twelve glasses of water per day are generally considered as necessary for your body but it also depends on your sex, your body weight, your activity levels or even the climate (all of us living in the Middle East know how easily we can get dehydrated). A good rule of thumb would be to have two glasses of water before every meal.
5. Pamper yourself
photo credit: thomaswanhoff via photopin cc
This tip targets especially mums, including myself. We tend to take care of everyone else in the family but ourselves. Personally, even if there is a great choice of spas and salons in Bahrain, I don’t know why but I feel guilty spending my time having my hair or manicure done in a salon. I get so stressed having to be tied to my chair for as long as the hairdresser needs to wash and blow-dry my hair, as if the world around me will collapse. I have been trying for the last couple of months to book an appointment for a massage and I keep on postponing it with the excuse “I’m too busy for this”. I hope you are not in the same wagon as me. What? you are? Too bad! Get over it quick!
Force yourself, like I force myself, and I promise you once you are out of the salon you won’t regret it. The feeling of being taken care by a professional, even when it is just a manicure, is amazing. Your self-esteem will instantly skyrocket. Your body will be thanking you. Still think of it as a luxury? Then bring luxury home!  Turn your bathroom into a personal spa. Scented candles, a bathtub full of warm water and bath salts, a body scrub, moisturizing cream and essential oils is all you need. Then find some quiet time and soak in after all are asleep.
You need to take care of your skin if you want it glowing under the sun, and you need to start now. Be sure to check back our ginny piggy column as we will be soon writing about some of the best anti-cellulite and skin care products we have tried so far!
And please feel free to share your beach perfect tips, we’d love to hear from you!
So are you ready for the countdown? 3-2-1! GO! I’m sure you can do it! 

Life is not a Magazine

Life is not a magazine and we surely aren’t walking on a catwalk expecting everyone to admire our perfection. After all, the falls are inevitable even for the beautiful ones… So learn to fall with grace, stop accusing your physical appearance about all your misfortune and always remember: The absence of flaws in beauty is itself a flaw. So the best thing you can do is grow to love them!


Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.13.31 PM

Marilyn Monroe, the absolute sex symbol of the ‘ 50s quoted:
“A man has a tendency to accept you the way you are, while most women immediately start to pick flaws and want to change you”. So when it comes to love, psychology experts believe that: Matters of the heart are not governed by reason and that we tend to find a soulmate that complements our pathology.
Through the years there are plenty of examples that prove a gifted person can always overcome obstacles that appear due to flaws: The “ diva” Maria Kallas, despite her appearance, won the audience with her impressive vocal range on stage. Celine Dion’s incredible voice and vocal maturity made us forget about her physical appearance. Lady Gaga, the singer that seems to make fun of her grotesque beauty is one of the most popular all over the world…

Yes, the selfie below is hers, without make-up! (photo credit: and digital/

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.17.50 PM

“ Your looks don’t make you pretty…It’s the person inside you who does.” Stand up and make a difference. The world is at your feet!
Bessie Antonaki

The Photoshop Beauty (video)

In a brilliant video concept for her song “Nouveau Parfum”, Hungarian singer Boggie is undergoing a virtual make-over with the help of photoshop.  The result is astonishing: The girl of next door is transformed into a beauty goddess, a star, a model. Food for thought: Is this the “perfection” we seek in our everyday lives? And how much stress do we experience trying to reach our utopian goals?


Feature in the Unsung Lilly video!

Unsung Lilly is an inspiring pop band from UK. With their music and stance on life Sera, Frankie, Wayne, Allan and Russ, embody many of the values and principles I live by, so it couldn’t but “just be” a love at first sight!

Now if you want to be featured in their new video about self-acceptance visit their blog here and find out how. Act quickly!

For a little inspiration, here is their song “Just Be” which was released last year…