Meet Arianna: your 8 y/o style coach

Take notes ladies!


Hi. My name is Arianna and today I will be your style coach.


Style is attitude. So wear it. Carry it everywhere. Be comfortable with it.
Be creative. Is this just a scarf? Noooo!

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Shopping can be fun. Try on as many styles as possible!

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Don’t forget to strike a pose. Self-confidence is the key to being stylish.
Have in mind that keeping it simple makes you classy.
Last but not least, ACCESSORIZE!
You know there’s a limit to that, right?
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The month of LOVE

Not because it’s Valentine’s Day. I am an Anti-Valentine after all, remember? (check my “Postcards from an Anti-Valentine” post here).


February is the month when my two sister souls celebrate their birthdays, two days apart. Two lovably crazy aquarians, two amazing women to whom I entrust my innermost thoughts and feelings and from whom I receive huge waves of love and strong doses of affection.
We all three are split in three different countries and spread miles apart though: USA – United Arab Emirates – Bahrain. I miss them. I soooo miss them.  I wish it was that easy to just grab a plane and go and celebrate with them. I wish they would just knock on my door in the mornings – just like that, without any prior notice – and join me for coffee when still in my pajamas and my hair a mess. I wish we skipped the yoga class and chit chat instead.. just because we have awesome bodies anyways and our conversations have the same value as meditation.
 I love you girls! May all your wishes come true and may we meet soon, very soon.. be it in Hawaii, in Athens, in Manama, in Cyprus, in Abu Dhabi… wherever.


Tripping to Paradise

Paradise does exist. It’s a tiny little dot laying in the middle of the pacific ocean. Mortals call it Maui, Hawaii. I’m back in town but I left my heart there.
What to do… Life is a beach.
Maui’s beauty is irresistible and our stay at Alejandro’s studios in Haiku- Pauwela was beyond enjoyable. You definitely have to visit the island at least once in your life and if you finally do, check with Alejandro for your accommodation. His profile on Airbnb is found here.