You only get one chance to make that first good impression.

Behavioral patterns, gestures, facial expressions, language and outfits all play a very important role in delivering the correct message or else “image” to our peers about who we are, what our background is, what our expectations are, who we represent. The list of information exchanged and interpreted in one’s mind is endless and the forming of perception about a person is a process claimed to require less than 3 seconds. These 3 seconds can make all the difference between success and disappointment.

In order not to get lost along the way or better get “lost in the translation” IDOL Image Consulting will help you find and explore your true self and will provide you with the tools you need to project the best of you to the outer world in a blink of the eyes so no misunderstandings will ever occur about who you are.

We will help you redefine your values and boost your self-esteem, we will assist you in redesigning your business principles and strategies and synchronize your policies with your employees so to recognize and assess how your image is perceived externally both at a quick glance but also at a deeper level, overcome any obstacles and feel confident about your image projection on a personal or corporate level.

Let us work on your strong points, let us reflect your true you, let us help you idolize yourself. Then be an idol for everyone else.

Our Mission:

To assist individuals, groups and corporations reflect their best; to provide them with the necessary tools for reaching their goals; to facilitate the process of communication and attunement in today’s fast paced work and social environment.

Our Vision:

To build powerful images for a better world. To create the Idols of the future.


IDOL Image Consulting has developed strategies to help individuals, groups or corporate organizations face today’s challenges and fierce competition.

Taking into consideration all the attributes that consist today’s power of image, our services include but are not limited to:

Media and Public Relations
Target your audience and get your message through with our services on Media and Public Relations. We take the “pressing” load off your shoulders and arrange for your Press Releases, Conferences, Reports in Magazines and Editorials or Interviews on Radio and Television.

Corporate Consultations
There is no doubt that vision, mission, policy and continuous education can ensure attunement to the fast changing work and social requirements for sustainability and success. Rely on our proven methods for analyzing your organization’s needs and let us boost your company’s productivity and revenue. We assist you with the development of strategies on Corporate Image and Branding and we ensure that your workforce training needs are met with seminars on Brand Name, Image or Business Etiquette to reinforce your Corporate Culture.

Personal (one-to-one) Consultations
Redefine your style and explore the secrets for reinforcing the strong points of your personality and image. We offer a variety of consultations fully customized to suit your specific needs: Body and Color Analysis, Speech and Etiquette, Fashion Styling, Make-Up and Hair Styling, Wardrobe Analysis and Organization, Personal Shopping or even Shopping Tourism to the ultimate fashion destinations around the world from New York to Paris, London and Dubai.

Group Consultations
Learn the basics in a friendly atmosphere and benefit from the styling and comme-il-faut powerful “toolbox” we will be providing you. Special programs are also designed focusing on teenagers. Maximum attendance in group consultations: 10 persons.

In every case we carefully select our network of professionals to provide you with the most stress-free and rewarding experience.

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