Yoga for weight loss

Yoga is not just exercise. It’s a complete way of living, a harmonious lifestyle. It transforms and uplifts your spirit, not just your body. That is why I love it. It is yoga that helped me overcome a major injury after an accident few years back. It is yoga that I relied upon to stay active and mindful during my two pregnancies and it is yoga that helped me get back in shape after I delivered my babies.
photo credit: dollen via photopin cc
One thing I appreciate about yoga is that whatever your age, your physical condition or ability you can always start practicing it, even if you never exercised before. And once you get committed to your  practice, it will definitely bear fruits. Just pick up a yoga style and sequence that will suit your needs and the rest will follow and will fill you with amazement about what your body can achieve. I had friends who thought of themselves as totally inflexible only to realize after a few sessions that their bodies would “open up” like a lotus flower.
There are many yoga styles to choose from and specific sequences that can work against back aches, tension, headaches and can even fight illnesses. And Yes, yoga CAN and WILL help you loose weight. HOW? By a sequence that will target your metabolism. If you have no time for the yoga studio or you can’t bother looking for a yoga instructor who will inspire you or you simply can’t afford one, you can always  order your home practice and start right away. Simple, fast and you can have a coach like Katrina at the comfort of your own space and time. I like Katrina’s approach as she is focusing on balancing your mental and emotional state, a crucial point if you really want to shed a few pounds. The visualizations Katrina is giving away with any order in September, as well as her recipes for healthy yummy meals after your practice, will definitely help you stay focused, keep going and achieve your goals.
So what are you waiting? Tomorrow never comes!  Order your copy now!

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