Iphone 6 is here!

While Americans and British line up outside Apple stores to get their hands on the newest iPhone addition, all family is set up to attend Apple’s Live Event…. from our couch. Praise Apple TV!
To watch the event everyone is talking about each and every year.. tune in here.
Let’s see what we will see..
Update 10:05: event started with Chinese translation on the background. #weird
Update: 10:06: live stream is cutting off, so there are two iPhones launched, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+.. That I saw.. And then black.
Update 10:08: live stream stopped working.
Update 10:26: It’s up again but The Chinese lady at the background is so annoying I think I will stop watching.
Update 10: 39: Blahh.. Cut again… Just put it together guys and will watch it once ready. No big deal about it. I better watch a movie.
LAST Update.. What iPhone 6? It’s all about Apple Watch and I definitely want one!
By the way:
Apple is giving U2’s new album to every iTunes Store customer in 119 countries.
The album is already in your iTunes music library. All you have to do is tap to download it…

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