As time goes by…I will always love you

Men and women are complaining: “Relationships are not how they used to be”, but still behind a man’s and a woman’s touch, the substance remains the same…

When a boy meets a girl, either there is a happy ending or… a boy meets another girl…and that’s a fact. While changes are made through the years, similarities win by number.


The surface: We tend to introduce ourselves as a future love-mate with a beautiful appearance:
The woman dressed in the crinoline, wearing white gloves and holding an umbrella gave her place to the “lolita” party girl- dressed for success- that is flirting with the businessman in an Armani suit. It all fades out after the first morning glance: when all make-up is gone along with the last drops of alcohol in your breath.

Money talks: Everybody has a hidden desire to find a rich soul-mate. Afterall money makes the world go round…If you are eventually getting married, you are way better off with a wealthy man than with a poor one, even if you have to make some compromises. The old man may not worry about dowry. He can always end up with the poor but young and beautiful lady…On the other hand, the rich young men usually settle with a girl from their social circle…

Gifts: They are a girl’s best friend…especially when they are made of diamonds. From the humble sentimental rose to the expensive engagement ring, gifts can rescue a relationship, a marriage or a house! So stop being stingy!

Envy: Liz Taylor and Richard Burton were bonded in a love driven by jealousy and betrayal until the end. Through the years jealousy remains the same…only the leading roles vary, while the drama depends on the acting ability of the couple.

Unfaithfulness: Everyone has a devastating experience with a disloyal love-partner. In 1999, Bill Clinton’s and Monica Lewinsky’s sex scandal led to an embarrassing public speech and a “permanently stained” marriage…For common people like you and me the punishment varies from a big fight to a tough divorce, except in this case no one wishes to get informed about it…

Romance: You need to show your love under a full moon or lying on the sand next to the calm sea. You have to be holding hands or running around with your partner until you drop down kissing her or his salty lips…the image of people in love stays the same through the years.

Sex: It remains a priority for everyone, especially when it is about true love…in the old years the lusty location was a warm bed…in our day you can even have sex sitting alone in your computer chair…all the rest is plain technology…

Marriage: Most women are trapped in the old-fashioned thinking: Since 1900, women must get married even if they end up getting divorced. Marriage may be killing love, but men still adhere to traditions. After all, nothing is better than an ironed t-shirt, a clean house and a warm meal cooked by a sexy mother and a career-woman…! Of course, nowadays people of the same sex can be bonded too until “death do them apart”.

Mother in law: The same-old woman who is usually making snide and sarcastic comments about the way you dress, the way you cook and the way you raise her grand-children…Do not underestimate her. Start getting along with her for your own sake!

Matchmaking services: Τhe basic idea stays the same even though the traditional matchmaker is replaced by current technology love sites. Years ago young women were not allowed to chase the man of their dreams…the modern woman has no time for man hunting.

Good luck in finding your soul-mate…

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