Love in the era of a global economic crisis

Once upon a time…. there was a princess with her “pink” thoughts waiting for the knight with his white horse and his shining armor to rescue her by his sharp gleaming sword….
The fairy tale characters are different now, and the prince arrives with no white horse, no shining armor and no happy ending. This is no fairy tale any more. This is real life.
An empty wallet can have a major impact on love life. The materialistic expectations collide with the emotional state of love. As long as the wallet is empty, men and women tend to have empty feelings…
Is it a sign of modern times? Or has it always been like this? Disclosures of hidden pathology in relationships in such difficult times lead to the acknowledgement that more often than believed, rich lifestyle outweighs poor feelings. People defend their love choices on materialistic grounds.
Hollowness was always there and it is scary to feel that you can hear every single sound in the emptiness…
Where there is love there is life. The dots will be connected in the path of true love as long as you believe in it.
Bessie Antonaki

Love Couple Wallpapers (4)

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