BMW M Active Drive Event At BIC

Every year BMW and Euro Motors Bahrain host the Active Drive event at Bahrain International Circuit. The aim is to give drivers the pleasure of test driving the latest BMW car models in the extreme conditions of a racing circuit so they can feel with all their senses (and adrenaline pumping) the cars’ performance.

After a short introduction on the technical characteristics of the cars and the rules of driving in the circuit, the participating drivers are divided into teams and they are ready to go. Every couple of laps they switch positions (driver/co-driver) and then change cars so they can drive all the car models… A lovely race which is as interesting and as exciting as a professional one.

For safety reasons drifting was a no-no for the participating drivers and it was disabled from the cars’ systems.. The instructors made it up for us though and gave us an amazing ride… full of drifting..

Watch the Video!

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