MAC Fix +

M6GXPersonally, I absolutely love this product and swears by it, love the fresh and radiant look it gives my skin. It’s very easy to use, bottle has a easy locking mechanism to stop spillage and accidental use.

I was amazed at the dewy finish it gave my face and it made my make-up last for a long time. Definitely adds radiance and refreshes the skin. It’s almost like water but has a lovely smell to it and according to MAC has vitamins and minerals, as well as green tea and chamomile. The key is to get an even distribution, if you spray too much, it will drip off the face. It is important to let the product to dry. Directly after spraying it will feel a bit wet and sticky but after a few seconds this will disappear. I also spray the product on a powder/blusher/foundation brush as it helps to set my makeup really well and last long.

And yes it’s coming also in a convenient travel size so I can have it with me all the time!

So girls, get one for your-self and you will not look back.

Dona Lawlor

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