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Back home and to my routine with lots to share with you from my vacation in the US and Greece. But before doing so, I must write about my latest buy as it had arrived home the day after I left for Greece and it was waiting for me for quite some time.
As soon as I saw the box – a white plain postal box sealed as a castle – I realized it would need my full attention to examine its contents. Something would keep me looking at it for a few hours sitting next to my desk, making me believe I should only open it without any distractions, in pure sanctity. I was asked at least three times: “Won’t you open this box? What is in it?” But I would ignore the voices and keep on with my chores. My feeling paid off – What a delight it was opening it after everybody went in bed. I felt like a kid sneaking under the christmas tree and opening my present early in the morning away from all the curious eyes.
It took a knife and some hard ripping to open the box. Once I opened it a rosy-musky smell reached my nose but couldn’t figure out where it came from, until I saw a little envelope with a beautiful thank you card. Then I had to remove a lot of paper protection from inside the box to find what looked like a smaller box with the shop’s name and logo: Département Féminin. Finally I realized there were two paper bags, one inside the other shaping a box. Inside them there was the final box I was looking for: “Balenciaga.” My Balenciaga Click was here!


I found Département Féminin when I was looking for a Balenciaga Compagnon wallet. My old one has been torn off but can’t part it, I want it replaced first. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but when I saw this cutie on their website, I simply could not resist. I was puzzled in the beginning as it seemed I couldn’t add anything in my online cart but once I contacted them, Chrystalla was more than simply helpful to explain to me that I would first have to create an account with them and let them know by email before I go on with my order. It couldn’t be easier and minutes later I was checking out with my Balenciaga Click. Shipment arrived on time and their packaging showed how much they value their clients. I had a wonderful shopping experience, as it had been promised by Chrystalla, and can’t thank them enough!
The luxury boutique Département Féminin is situated at Toulouse, France and carries a wide selection of clothing, shoes, bags and accessories from some of the most famous fashion houses and designers. You should definitely have a look at their precious goods and take advantage of their free worldwide shipping service offered until August 31st! Plus TAX-FREE shopping for shipping in the Gulf!
So, what are you waiting for?

The New Balenciaga Le Dix: Sorry, Not My Style

The New Balenciaga “Le Dix”

Everybody seems to be raving online about “Le Dix”, Alexander Wang’s new collection of Balenciaga bags, in what looks like a huge “marketing” tool to completely detach the name of Nicolas Ghesquiere (ex Creative Director) from the house of Balenciaga. I really like Alexander Wang and I find his creations edgy, modern and sporty chic but I don’t think I will ever get over Nicolas Ghesquiere and his iconic motorcycle bag, the Lariat. In fact, I think nobody will.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 11.16.15 PM
The Iconic Balenciaga Motorcycle Bags

The new “Le Dix” (for french “TEN”, the name was inspired by Balenciaga’s address in 10 Avenue George V) has nothing edgy; on the contrary I feel it is so classic to the point of boring. It makes me think that Alexander Wang has “jumped” that far to overcome the “sporty” label his past creations bear, that he “landed” to the humdrum side.  This is my opinion and my answer to all those who write that fashion bloggers will die from jealousy for not being able to pay around $1500 to own a soon to be iconic piece. No dear, I have $3,000 to spend on handbags this year and it isn’t going to be this grandma’s piece, plus I don’t think it’s ever going to be iconic the way that Lariat was. No offense Alexander!

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 11.24.19 PMAugust 23rd “Le Dix” collection is unveiled online at ledix.balenciaga.com. A big Balenciaga fan, I’m not so thrilled about it.

What’s better than gold? Rose Gold!

*Main photo: Rolex Day-Date in Ever Rose Gold


I love rose gold. It has become THE trend for the last two years especially on watches for both men and women. Here’s what we found for you, a selection of the top pure rose gold and pink gold tone accessories for this summer:

1. Chopard Mille Miglia, 2. L.U. Chopard Chronograph 3. Chopard Happy Sport 4. Marc Jacobs bracelet (exclusively at shopbop.com) 5. Michael Kors Mercer Watch 6. Balenciaga Giant 12 Rose Gold Velo in Anthracite 7. Michael Kors Men’s Everest Watch 8. Michael Kors Men’s Dylan Watch 9. Michael Kors Slim Runway Watch 10. Marc Jacobs ring 11. Balenciaga Giant Rose Gold Bracelet  12. Diane Von Furstenberg Rose Gold Sandals.

I bet you got the idea: Let the rose gold dust settle in… your wardrobe.

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