I Try to Talk to You. Listen. Watch.

More and more fashion houses and online stores realize the power of cinematic art as a way to showcase their collections. Sometimes the results are astonishing.
SSENSE and System Magazine present Hercules & Love Affair’s new video for “I Try To Talk To You” ft. John Grant. Directed by David Wilson and styled by Simon Robins, the video features looks from the Spring collections of Acne Studios, Balmain and T by Alexander Wang.
Speechless. Art and fashion working together to spread emotions. Watch the video, enjoy the music:
Remember Mine All Mine ? The concept is almost the same, although I found I Try to Talk To You powerful beyond measure.
Cute and playful, TheOutnet video for their 5th birthday features some of the hottest gals in fashion and music. Among them, personal favorite, brilliant blogger and Man Repeller, Leandra Medine. You can watch the video and campaign here.
So now that you listened and watched I wait for your comments! x


The New Balenciaga Le Dix: Sorry, Not My Style

The New Balenciaga “Le Dix”

Everybody seems to be raving online about “Le Dix”, Alexander Wang’s new collection of Balenciaga bags, in what looks like a huge “marketing” tool to completely detach the name of Nicolas Ghesquiere (ex Creative Director) from the house of Balenciaga. I really like Alexander Wang and I find his creations edgy, modern and sporty chic but I don’t think I will ever get over Nicolas Ghesquiere and his iconic motorcycle bag, the Lariat. In fact, I think nobody will.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 11.16.15 PM
The Iconic Balenciaga Motorcycle Bags

The new “Le Dix” (for french “TEN”, the name was inspired by Balenciaga’s address in 10 Avenue George V) has nothing edgy; on the contrary I feel it is so classic to the point of boring. It makes me think that Alexander Wang has “jumped” that far to overcome the “sporty” label his past creations bear, that he “landed” to the humdrum side.  This is my opinion and my answer to all those who write that fashion bloggers will die from jealousy for not being able to pay around $1500 to own a soon to be iconic piece. No dear, I have $3,000 to spend on handbags this year and it isn’t going to be this grandma’s piece, plus I don’t think it’s ever going to be iconic the way that Lariat was. No offense Alexander!

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 11.24.19 PMAugust 23rd “Le Dix” collection is unveiled online at ledix.balenciaga.com. A big Balenciaga fan, I’m not so thrilled about it.