Philosophical questions in modern Greece

Apathy, a word used by the Greek Stoic philosophers referred to a condition of tranquility and calmness, achieved by pushing aside any feelings of pleasure or pain.
In modern times the word describes the absence of interest in the surrounding world.
The recent economic crisis not only had an impact on global markets, but also infected human souls… The strict system opposed to European countries distinguished emotions and gave birth to a new type of individual: The one with no interest in political life or social problems.
At the same time, the same individual obeys to the principals of “Ethical hedonism”, in order to achieve personal growth and to attract the greatest amount of pleasure.
Unfortunately, nowadays, this is accomplished most of the times stepping on other people’s feelings .
Human relations, according to Sartre seem to be competitive. “Hell is other people”, because people interact with each other forcing themselves upon the others.
So, what really determines the “ethics” of an individual struggling to survive in a country where people sacrifice themselves for the sake of others?
Why does the experience of being a European Greek hurts so much?
Because philosophy was born in ancient Greece… along with the words “ altruism, hospitality, freedom and democracy”
Bessie Antonaki
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