The jeans beach bag

With the Americana style on the rise, the top to bottom jeans trend (of which I’m not a great fan) and the jeans handbag returning this season, I’m definitely carrying my Michael Kors at the beach for yet another summer! So roomy and light! What do you think?


I am totally smitten

Body Shop Body Butter

pic3  Keep the skin super soft, nourish and protect while moisturizing 24 hrs. Body Butter is very thick to touch and I think it is very luxurious. The cream has a quite a sheen to it when apply. Comes in sumptuous 22 different flavours (as mentioned on Body Shop website). They smell divine, while providing  natural fragrance for the skin.

I have tried a few different flavours and the fragrance stay on your body for a long time. Each product  contains shea butter and cocoa butter. Cocoa butter works as a moisturizer and melts at body temperature, which leaves the skin feeling soft and silky smooth.

 Body Butter is full of skin beneficial ingredients, which are source through The Body Shop Community Fair Trade Programme.

All my Bahrain Divas would remember the old Sheraton Hotel shopping complex. I bought my first Papaya Body Butter in the Body Shop there a very long 13 years ago.  And yes I have known Body Butter lot longer than I have known my husband.

 Go get Smitten girls 😀

 Dona Lawlor


Shimmer Brick

To get that youthful, dewy complexion, you need a great highlighter that fit your skin. Here is my favourite girls;

Bobbi Brown Bronze shimmer Brick


I am a big fan of Bobbi’s make up line. Though her makeup line is a bit more expensive than some other brands, she offers a fantastic range with lot of natural colours like browns, golds and nudes, which suits most skin tones.

My favourite of the Bobbi Brown range is Bronze Shimmer Brick Compact. Added bonus of this product is instead of just being one colour, it features five different colours in a slightly different shade to each other, so when you apply it to your skin, it gives you the most amazing glow with a hint of sparkle. I use this as an Eye Shadow Palette as well as a Bronzer.  Gives you a deep, bronzy glow, and neutral and deep blush shades works well with Bronze Shimmer Brick.

 It also comes in different shades; Pink Quartz, Nectar, Rose, Beige and 24-Karat.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative; Body Shop’s Shimmer Waves (comes in 2 different shades) is equally good.

 Nothing lights up your face like shimmer.

Dona Lawlor




A bargain buy…these earrings will instantly glamorize your Boho Chic look.

To let these beauties shine, I paired them with a simply floaty top, black leggins and  few turquoise bracelets.

Hubby picked them up for me last week in Ireland in Penneys.


Dona Lawlor xxxxxx

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

The Secret to Gorgeous Hands!!

Without a doubt the best hand cream I have used. I say this without any hesitation having tried many hand creams. As I have been pic 1using this product for over four years, I think I can speak honestly about it. I have occasionally wandered to other brands but I always seem to go back to this one.

A super-smoothing cream, contains 20% Shea Butter, honey and sweet almond extract, blended with jasmine and ylang-ylang essences. Smells divine and it glides on and absorbs to help heal and protect dry and dehydrated skin, and anti-oxidising vitamin E helps nourish.

I initially bought the small tube of this while transiting through Dubai Airport (they also do large tubes) so that I could try it. And I love it! The tube is just the right size to carry in my bag so that I can use it whenever I need to and you don’t need to use very much of it. L’occitane is a well known luxury brand and have a great reputation for their creams and moisturisers.

Anyone who suffers with dry hands should give this a try!


Dona Lawlor


Melisanthi braided leather sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals

Whipstitched leather sandals by AlaïaWhipstitched leather sandals by Alaïa

Gillian snake-effect leather sandals by Sigerson Morrison





“I love you dad because you make me into a sausage”?

Yes, that was the card my five year old prepared at school and gave her father, my husband that is, for father’s day.  Let me explain. She enjoys being rolled up with the bed covers jumping around, pretending she’s a sausage roll, her father helps her roll her blanket firmly around her tiny body. Then the sausage (meaning my daughter) is trying to slip out of the roll to avoid being eaten by the monster (my husband then takes the role of the monster chasing her around the house). So my daughter loves her father cause he’s making her into a sausage roll.


Simple. One of the simplest reasons to love your father. Don’t laugh. I mean it. Just think about it.

Isn’t it your father who tries to armor you for the difficult situations you are going to face in life? He’s the family figure who holds a distance, yet he’s always there to cover you with his protection blanket, in fact squeeze you in sometimes to the point that you won’t have room to breath. Just go as a teenager and ask him straight forward to let you come back from the party at 3 a.m. Tell him that your friend is driving you back. NO WAY. You know in such cases you have to use the “medium” to get things done and that’s your mother. That’s how you escape out of his protection roll. You know fathers are always over-protective and mothers are always over-reacting. What to do. Nature.

Doesn’t your mum from time to time call your father a monster? OK, you know she really doesn’t mean it and probably he did something and has pushed her angry buttons as most men do to their wives. But you have seen him showing his “ugly” face to some ex-boyfriend of yours at some point. Or he might have chased you around the coffee table threatening that he’s going to razor cut your hair cause you have been rude or disrespectful. The monster game in action.

Isn’t your father who tries his best to give you ways to slip out of your cocoon?  How many times in your life have you heard the phrase: “Go get a work and earn a living”. Enough said.

I surely love my father for many reasons. Above all, I love him cause he has made me into a sausage but a slippery one, no-one is ever going to catch 🙂

To all dads I hope you had a great father’s day. I miss my dad, he’s now miles away. But I am sure he is in good hands, my brother’s and my sister’s ones. (and mum’s too but the post is about fathers! Mum you will have to wait for your turn in mother’s day!)

And if you enjoy reading about a dad’s world then I would suggest you follow dorkdaddy.  Go check his list of simple things he asked for father’s day!

Two of my favorite MAC primers


Primer is used to create a flawless/smooth base for your make up. It is used underneath foundation to hold your make-up last longer and they blot away any excess oil on the skin. 

MAC PREP + PRIME Face Protect SPF 50

The reason I bought this product is, it has the highest SPF that I have found for the face on the market. And it also works as a good make-up base. This is my go to primer for the day and I have been using it every single day for over 2 years now. Few years ago, I had quite a few brown spots caused by the sun and infact I haven’t developed any since I started using this and my skin looks much clearer.

It  may feel a bit greasy at first but I think it soon sinks in, and is definitely worth it. Only use a little bit at once as it does take a lot of rubbing on to the skin, as it comes out very white. Only downfall in my opinion is, it can be quite wasteful. The tube is very hard to squeeze and I’m sure there will be lots of product left inside the tube when I think it’s all gone.


It  is very silky and feels light. I only use a tiny pea sized amount to cover my whole face. You cannot tell that the product is on your skin when it is rubbed in well.  After doing so, I apply my foundation which goes on smoothly and appears extremely flawless. The primer has small light reflecting particles in it which makes your skin look very radiant and healthy. 

 So there you go girls, if you have used or currently using above primers or any other primers, leave us your comments.

Dona Lawlor

One person’s garbage is another one’s treasure

Europe these days means crisis, more particularly wallet one. E-bay lets you bid and sell anything, but, what interests us for now is some good – often timeless – fashion.  So here we are with a choice of a bunch of three nice items out there:

This Maje nubuck sleevless jacket helps you boost your style, and could be yours shipped from France with 50 euros (plus the shipping cost). In the shops, it would not have been proposed less than 300 euros. Keep that in mind, this is what is interesting in this kind of shopping.


click to bid

Belgian fashion house Maison Martin Margiela from the capsule collection sold through H&M stores in automn 2012, this black dress could be a good investment for next September that is forseen quite a “punk” one if you see the previews.


click to bid

And finally, to get into the summer mood, us here in the northen part of Europe, we need some flowers.

And when we think of fashion and flowers, we think of Cacharel. Here is a very cute pure silken top,  new, sold at the 1/3 of it is original price:


click to bid

And those were our proposals. You can check your own favorite brands and styles, or give away your own little treasures, on e-bay. Don’t forget to let us know, we would appreciate it if you invite us to have a look!


Kerastase Elixir Ultime vs Elvive Extraordinary Oil

OILSThe perfect nourishing serum/oil for dry/dull locks, Kerastase Elixir Ultime is a wonderfully lightweight blend of four wonder oils: argan, maize, camellia and pracaxi. The only downside is,  it’s not so lightweight on the wallet. I first bought Kerastase Elixir Ultime on recommendation from a friend two years ago. I use it on my thick long/frizzy/uncontrollable hair and it was amazing, no more dull frizzy hair, but lovely shiny tresses instead.

L’Oreal produces Kerastase products, so if you’re after an alternative cheaper version , try its Elvive Extraordinary Oil, a fusion of six botanical lipids that works in much the same way as the Elixir. I bought Elvive Extraordinary Oil few months ago and loving it. A fantastic serum to help unruly hair, that give the same effect as Kerastase Elixir Ultime. As the price is affordable, I use this on my hair as a mask once a week. I use a generous amount, massage on to my hair and leave it for about 20 minutes before shampooing.

In my opinion you get the same end result from both products; both keep the hair shiny and frizz free all day long, condition and smooth away all the little fly-aways, without weighing down. Though they are oils, they are not greasy and all you need is a tiny amount.  No more hair frizzing in hot/humid weather! You can use on wet or dry hair. Also they smell lovely. Both serums leave my hair soft, untangled with a beautiful sheen. No residue, hair feels light and bouncy.

 Dona Lawlor

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