Shopping Chanel in a Supermarket… (video)

Yes! you read it right. Chanel’s F/W14 runway in a supermarket. Well, it was Grand Palais turned into a supermarket, to be more precise, Karl Lagerfeld’s idea of presenting the new collection. Kinda weird right?
A great oxymoron to me. Cause if Chanel was to be sold in a supermarket, it wouldn’t be Chanel.. On the other hand how many of the ladies wearing Chanel (even those carrying a handbag) would actually visit the supermarket in their precious outfits? Very few, if none including myself, I suppose (now that I’m giving it a second thought, I think my auntie Evangelie would but she’s an exception)..
Ladies in Chanel don’t go to the supermarket themselves. They ask their personnel to do the grocery shopping. In fact they don’t even ask…
But then again Karl has a different opinion…

Watch the video:

What do you think of Karl Lagerfeld’s idea?

Video from AP. Photo: Reuters.