A Little About Me


The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud

Coco Chanel

So here I am. Thinking aloud in this blog, expressing myself, sharing news and views with you.
I have a vision to create beautiful images in this world. I have a mission to make you feel good about yourselves. And I will try my best to make my dream and your dreams come true.
So join me!


 Evie Varthi
Founder, Managing Director

Having a broad experience as a television reporter and presenter with Star Channel, the no. 1 life-style channel in Greece, and an academic background sealed with years of action in the field of Quality Management Evie early realized the power of image in determining one’s “luck” and future and recognized its potential as a constant dynamic key while working towards quality – or ideally -perfection.

Observing the strife for success in a highly noisy and competitive world Evie decided she wanted to pass all her expertise to individuals and companies who wish to transform their image and create a unique reflection of who they really are. That’s the idea behind her Image Consulting Company “IDOL”. And that’s Evie’s vision for all of her clients: To help them become an IDOL, first for themselves, then for everyone else.

She’s an enthusiastic individual, full of energy for her family and work, media, fashion, art, yoga, photography and snowboarding. She speaks Greek, English and French fluently, Italian and Russian moderately and she’s learning Arabic.

In today’s world Image is Power, so if you want power start by building your image

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