My love-and-hate relationship with my new Apple Watch.

A gift for my birthday, I don’t know whether to love it or hate it. Yes I still have mixed emotions about my new Apple Watch. Why? For so many reasons. But let us start first things first.


Undoubtedly the Apple Watch is beautiful. Personally I have a thing with oversized square-shaped watches and my dream watch is the Cartier Tank MC (did I just dare to compare the Watch with the Tank MC? Naahh..) So, big, check! Square, check!, Rose gold, check, check, check!

Notification reminders (can the Cartier Tank MC do that? I doubt..) It’s not like I didn’t have these before with my Misfit Shine but with the Watch notifications and reminders become a little more “personal” a little more “creative”. There are times though that I feel overwhelmed. You can certainly decide on the kind of notifications you want on your Apple Watch but when you have an iPhone then almost certainly you will choose all that apply to your phone. And if all these notifications and reminders cause you stress, then “Breathe” will remind you to take a break and bring your focus on your breathing so to relax. Which turns out to be a paradox… if you really needed to relax maybe you shouldn’t have all these notifications and reminders telling what to do in the first place. Does it make sense?

Apple Watch is waterproof and you can shower or swim with it and track your activity. It has a cool feature to remove any water that might have got in the speakers too. In this case you need to activate the “drop” icon and then turn the crown upwards to have sound vibrations push the water out. But however cool this feature may be, you might feel, just like me, that if water can penetrate the Watch, it doesn’t seem that safe to swim with, especially in windy conditions when fine sand and salt water mix. So last time I went to the beach determined to test my expensive gadget in the water, I finally didn’t dare and had to take it out before I plunged into the sea. Then, while in the water, I saw a guy next to me wearing his while trying to catch a wave with his boogie board. Yes I admit it, I was a chicken. I just couldn’t bear the thought of having Minnie Mouse telling me the time (yes! she does tell you the time when you tap on her!) with her voice distorted because of a sore throat after a swim…

Apple Watch can be used as a fitness tracker. Despite the initial puzzle with setting up the apps, when everything was set it still didn’t feel like I could use it as my strenuous exercise partner. It’s a lot more bulky and heavy compared to my Misfit Shine and I would have to make sure I had plenty of space around me while exercising so not to bang the Watch on some wall or hard surface. It is delicate and even if I have been very careful since the beginning I have already spotted a scratch on its ION-X glass out of nowhere, I can’t recall of even coming close to a hard object so it’s a total bummer. And then you look for all these reviews about how easily or not Apple Watch can get scratched and how scratches can (if they ever can) be fixed. And then you look for ways to actually protect the screen but at the same time keep the beautiful lean look. And then you realize good protection is costly but then again it doesn’t really offer much anyways. And then you decide to go for the Apple Care+ where you could eventually replace your Watch or have it fixed twice for accidental damage which the normal Apple Care doesn’t cover but you have to pay extra for that. And then you realize that if you didn’t have the Apple Watch you wouldn’t have all these issues and worries IN THE FIRST PLACE.


So with all this time and money invested on the Apple Watch it seems that its aim is becoming your irreplaceable piece of jewellery. With all these notifications and charming little sounds it claims a place in your everyday life and becomes an absolute necessity so you’d forget about wearing your conventional watch ever again. But I love my other watches too. I want to wear my other watches too. I like alternating between my jewellery. At the end of the day I believe we already depend a lot on technology, I certainly didn’t need another mind organizer. Apple Watch seemed to take more of my freedom and independence than what it could offer me.  So I was ready not to fall for this technology trap (you could also replace t with c) and just send the Apple Watch back. My decision came also after Misfit Wearables offered, to my suprise, to replace my favorite lost Misfit Shine 2 with a brand new one, something I will be writing soon about. But then again Apple Watch “talked to me” and insisted I should keep it. It was hubby’s gift afterall. Plus I had an accident with hot soup exploding from my Nutri-bullet on my hands (don’t ask how I managed this, I’m a natural blonde) and if it wasn’t for my Apple Watch (and the miracle cream I have from Greece for burns) my wrists would have been totally burned. The Apple Watch strap prevented a large part of my wrist been exposed to the bursting hot soup. The Apple Watch strap survived the burning test.

So we made a deal. I will keep the Apple Watch. I will not stop wearing my other watches and I will mainly rely on Misfit Shine 2 for my swimming activities tracking. But I will certainly stay in charge and keep enjoying my Apple Watch and its features whenever I want. It’s actually simple: I will not let this relationship become one of a destructive interdependence…

I just want to cry…

It was around 7:30 in the evening when a big van of UPS drove up my driveway and stoped behind my parked car. I gave it a glance from my kitchen window while washing the dishes, feeling exhausted from the day’s chores and a nasty cold that has been draining my energy since the beginning of the week.”Oh, some order arrived” I thought passively and uninterested, unlike any other day when I anticipate receiving a package.

I was frustrated. That same day an incident had me questioning the intentions and the quality of some of the people I interact with. How “just typical” and superficial can human relationships be? Sometimes I feel as if  my code of honor is too heavy for some to digest… yet it is so light and simple. Has the world changed that much? Am I some kind of fossil of an era when sincerity, trust, selflessness or respect had an actual meaning?

I couldn’t get it out of my mind: How easily can one back down on his word, especially when the other party has run miles to keep his? And I ‘m not talking about silly things… I never worried myself over unimportant stuff even when these had left a bitter taste in my mouth or they – no matter how insignificant and small – gave me a big slap on the face. I have a special category for these kind of situations: Category BIG X. And life goes on. No hard feelings. No remorse, no regrets, no intention to avenge.. Besides, after coming twice close to death, you realize  life is too short, too little to deal with littleness.

I opened my door and got out in the driveway. The driver of the van scanned a long rectangular green box and handed over to me after I signed. “It’s a little late for Valentine’s day” he said and gave me an almost guilty smile for bringing the parcel two days after Valentine’s day. “It’s never too late to express love” I instinctively replied.

My kids came at the entrance curious to see what the package was. “It’s from dad for Valentine’s!” I heard my son saying when he inspected the box externally and didn’t find any clue with regards to the sender.. “Open it!” But since the moment I took the package in my hands I knew it wasn’t from my husband: He had already offered me roses in advance, knowing he was going to be away from home for Valentine’s. It wasn’t any of my,  typical for Maui, online orders either. “No, it’s not from your dad, I know who it is from…” I replied and started opening the box feeling tears coming down my face.

The minute I opened the package my son just grabbed the card out of the box: “Oh!  it’s from Dona and the kids! They are sooo sweet! I soooo miss them mom!”… My daughter took out the teddy destined for her and gave it a hug, her eyes smiling: “I so want to go and visit them!! Please mom! please! Promise we will go!”


I took the flowers and arranged them in the vase that had been included in the box. I filled the vase with water and threw in the plant food following the instructions. And while the powder started dissolving in the fresh water so did my doubts, my worries, my questions on human relationships..

If I am a fossil of an era when sincerity, trust, selflessness or respect had an actual meaning, at least I know I’m not alone. You are godsend Dona. You are an angel. A real blessing. And our paths will cross again. And again.. And again..

I sincerely, selflessly and respectfully trust in you.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You a million times.

Love You and Miss You…




Meet Arianna: your 8 y/o style coach

Take notes ladies!


Hi. My name is Arianna and today I will be your style coach.


Style is attitude. So wear it. Carry it everywhere. Be comfortable with it.
Be creative. Is this just a scarf? Noooo!

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Shopping can be fun. Try on as many styles as possible!

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Don’t forget to strike a pose. Self-confidence is the key to being stylish.
Have in mind that keeping it simple makes you classy.
Last but not least, ACCESSORIZE!
You know there’s a limit to that, right?
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Chasing Rainbows

Here I am after a long time. After a long journey. After lots of thinking. The beginning of a new adventure.

I said goodbye to Bahrain. I won’t miss the Kingdom as I am in Paradise. But I will certainly miss my friends there.  I already do.

And where exactly am I? What am I doing?

Far, far away. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But so close to the House of the Sun.

Living the life the way it should be. Simple.

Chasing Rainbows after the storm on Maui. Enjoying my every ride to and from home. Filling my lungs with oxygen and my heart with joy. Bathing in sun and salty water. Sipping sunsets and nature’s little wonders. Stargazing. Gulping the love of the Creator.

I’m settled but yet I’m not. I will be here to tell you all about it.

Love you all,




Art Exhibition: I paint what I feel, I feel what I paint

Exceptional artist, brilliant mind and dearest friend Stella Stylianou paints what she feels and feels what she paints. The result: a world full of emotions, feminine and strong at the same time, a circle of beauties with seductive eyes, enwrapped in alluring mysteries waiting to be explored. If you happen to be in Cyprus this weekend you have to visit Stella’s exhibition and let your heart be charmed by her wonderful paintings.  Friday 8th to Sunday 10th of April at MS Viewpoint Studios in Nicosia. (Check below last picture for details on venue and timings).


I have been watching Stella these past few months being in a creative frenzy and I love this girl’s energy. You can see what I mean by watching this time lapse video where she does her magic:

Art is food for the soul but it can get twice as beneficial when serving a good cause. For this reason Stella Stylianou has joined forces with Minus One, the music band that represents Cyprus in Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Both they support the “Wig Fund”, a program that helps provide wigs to cancer patients.

All proceeds from the painting #oils-1 will go to the “WIG FUND”.

#Oils-1 : Minus One group members are shown on the girl’s beanie. Who’s gonna be the lucky person to have this painting?


My favorite one!


Almost ready for the exhibition!


Stella Stylianou

And here are the details of the exhibition. For Stella’s Stylianou past work you may check her website: 

Beauty Treasure from S. Korea

On my recent trip to Seoul I explored the “mystery” of Korean beauty: flawless skin, porcelain complexion and an impeccable, radiant appearance, who wouldn’t want to know how they do it?

Since the invention of the BB cream that took east and west by the storm, it seems S. Korea is investing a lot in the beauty industry and sets the trends in skincare. Today there exist numerous Korean brands that have gained the attention and trust of an international clientele as well as many sought-after Korean beauty products that seem to deliver their promises.

After hovering around many shops and stalls I decided to concentrate on two brands this time and try some of their well known products. Tony Moly is a very popular and affordable brand (check your local Sephora as they might be carrying their products) whereas Sulwhasoo is an upscale company, more on the expensive side.

As for the latest beauty trends, these involve the use of ginseng, snail ferment secretion, gold and recently there has been a shift on products containing hyaluronic acid. Koreans are obsessed with face masks usually made of a face-shaped cotton sheet infused with different emulsions for different needs. So far I have tried Tony Moly’s Goat Milk Extract mask and although it scared the hell out of my daughter seeing me wearing it, I enjoyed its benefits. Yet I’m waiting for the right moment (and with my daughter asleep) to try on the Snail Mask and the Red Ginseng mask that claim to provide Skin Repair and Shine respectively. The Mask Sheets are a very affordable option as they are sold per piece so you can try the product before you buy the whole line.

One thing I really liked about Tony Moly is their sense of humor and cuteness on some of their packaging for products (probably) addressed to younger ages. So next time people roll their eyes seeing you taking a banana out of your expensive purse, you can face them straightforward: “it’s my hand cream, you silly!” Oh, and it smells like a real banana! Same for the apple hand-cream or the peachy lip balm, what you see is what you smell and what you get. As for the Bamboo Fresh Water Soothing Mist, in a bottle actually resembling a bamboo stick,  I think I’m gonna stick to it. Up until now I was using my own mix of orange blossom water and Body Shop’s E Vitamin mist to either freshen up my face during the hot days of summer or on top of make-up to make it stay for longer. But I found this bamboo water equally -if not more- satisfying.

With my buys the ladies at Tony Moly gave me many samples to try as well as the Nutra Energy Toner with organ oil, in regular size (80 ml) which cleanses perfectly my skin and prepares it for the next steps in my skincare routine. As I always check the ingredients of the products I intend to buy, I was happy to see that none of them contain parabens (unless they are renamed in some way but I don’t think so).

And now the real treasure out of my lot: Gold 24 Snail Sleeping Pack. Pure gold, fermented and snail ferment secretion as well as panax ginseng callus extract are combined in one powerful formula with multiple benefits: wrinkle improvement, whitening, pore tightening, skin texture improvement, moisture and nourishment supply. I only have one word: AMAZING. The formula is a gold-yellowish gel (a little sticky in the beginning of application but it is absorbed quickly) that works as a mask, only you don’t have to wash it off. Instead you sleep with it and you just wash your face the next morning and look at your mirror: Your skin looks fresh, plumped and radiant! It’s the only product I have used so far with actual results from the first application! Just try it and you won’t regret it.

I literally struck gold with this one! 

Another Korean beauty “must have” is the cushion. The cushion is make-up, powder, bb cream, cc cream, sun protector, all of them and none of the above, it’s a separate category itself. It is actually a tinted emulsion which sits under a sponge. When pressed with the provided puff, the sponge delivers the product which can then be applied on the face by patting gently with the puff. The result is flawless, smooth, porcelain-like complexion in only one go.

Looking for the best cushion I read very good reviews on the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion. I didn’t need much more to be convinced to try it as since the first day I arrived in Seoul I was told again and again about this cosmetic company’s high quality products. The Perfecting Cushion comes in different shades and has SPF50. It might seem expensive (60,000 S. Korean Won, aprox. 50 USD) but it’s not considering the fact that it comes with an extra cushion which can replace the first one once it has dried out. In any case, for the miracle it offers on my skin it’s worth every penny!

The saleslady at the Sulwhasoo was also very generous to give me a full miniature set of their famous Ginseng beauty line and I can’t wait to try them!

It’s your turn now.. What is your opinion on the Korean beauty products? Have you tried any and if yes which ones would you recommend?

Chanel’s tribute to Greece as “the origin of beauty and culture”


I couldn’t have loved a collection more than Chanel’s Cruise 2017-2018. Inspired by ancient Greece, “The Modernity of Antiquity”, as Karl Lagerfield named the collection, portrays the spirit of a Greek Goddess, reimagined. And if Gucci was denied permission, just only a few months ago, to hold their catwalk show in front of the Parthenon in Athens, Karl Lagerfeld brought the Parthenon to the Grand Palais in Paris.

White like the marble, gold like the sun, blue like the aegean sea. These are the true colors of Greece and they make Chanel’s Cruise 2017-2018 palette. Which is another reason why I love this particular collection. In December 2016 my final project in Art and Design in Fashion for the UHMC was named “Greek Goddess”.  And this is how I  imagined her modern version… With drapes, crowns and everything. Maybe Karl should have consulted me? After all I studied Greek Culture!


Please don’t judge my drawing skills,  it was my initiation in fashion design and sketching. I have improved since then 🙂

Anyways, you may watch and admire Chanel’s full collection here:

The month of LOVE

Not because it’s Valentine’s Day. I am an Anti-Valentine after all, remember? (check my “Postcards from an Anti-Valentine” post here).


February is the month when my two sister souls celebrate their birthdays, two days apart. Two lovably crazy aquarians, two amazing women to whom I entrust my innermost thoughts and feelings and from whom I receive huge waves of love and strong doses of affection.
We all three are split in three different countries and spread miles apart though: USA – United Arab Emirates – Bahrain. I miss them. I soooo miss them.  I wish it was that easy to just grab a plane and go and celebrate with them. I wish they would just knock on my door in the mornings – just like that, without any prior notice – and join me for coffee when still in my pajamas and my hair a mess. I wish we skipped the yoga class and chit chat instead.. just because we have awesome bodies anyways and our conversations have the same value as meditation.
 I love you girls! May all your wishes come true and may we meet soon, very soon.. be it in Hawaii, in Athens, in Manama, in Cyprus, in Abu Dhabi… wherever.


déjà vu

College sweethearts. Spring of 2000. Playing like kids in Orlando’s Universal Studios park.


Parents. Summer of 2013. Playing with our kids in the same park.


Our style and colors’ match is interesting, don’t you think?