Let the game roll! #idolimages #giveaway

It seems we are going to have to stay home for some time, and as one morning last week I woke up feeling that my pajamas and joggers are going to eat me alive, I thought I should do something about it. 

In order to feel good, you have to look good. This is a phrase I often say to my clients. Our appearance affects our mood in a big way. It is time to do what I preach but I also hope to offer you something. 

So, I have a game for you. 

The goals of this game are many: 

To start with, I want you to feel better, and to boost your self-confidence. 

I want to help you overcome the boredom, and the monotony of your routine in quarantine. 

To take you out of the kitchen and away from the couch. 

And to make you refresh your wardrobe. 

If you follow through the game you will end up creating your own style diary which you can consult and use when everything goes back to the new normal – cause I hope you understand there won’t be your usual normal any more. 

Plus you can win a Style Journal by Moleskine, a two hour online style consultation with me and more prizes, at a draw at the end of the game. 

Above all, we will express a thank you to the fashion world, because fashion is a form of art and because big names in the industry, like Giorgio Armani, the Kering Group, and even Zara but also small enterprises and new designers are contributing to their communities by any means possible and they recognize the need for the fashion to adapt, to slow down and relax. 

Rules of the Game:

First of all, please make sure you follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook!

1. Pick an outfit from your favorite brand or designer – No need for it to be expensive!
2. Wear it, pose and take a photo wherever you are in quarantine!
3. Post it on Facebook or Instagram or better both!
4. Tag @idolimages
5. Tag the designer/brand/creator of this outfit!
6. You may also tag a friend who might want to join you in the game!
7. Use hashtag #idolimages

And let’s roll for the next 14 days.


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