Chanel’s tribute to Greece as “the origin of beauty and culture”

I couldn’t have loved a collection more than Chanel’s Cruise 2017-2018. Inspired by ancient Greece, “The Modernity of Antiquity”, as Karl Lagerfield named the collection, portrays the spirit of a Greek Goddess, reimagined. And if Gucci was denied permission, just only a few months ago, to hold their catwalk show in front of the Parthenon in Athens, Karl Lagerfeld brought the Parthenon to the Grand Palais in Paris.

White like the marble, gold like the sun, blue like the aegean sea. These are the true colors of Greece and they make Chanel’s Cruise 2017-2018 palette. Which is another reason why I love this particular collection. In December 2016 my final project in Art and Design in Fashion for the UHMC was named “Greek Goddess”.  And this is how I  imagined her modern version… With drapes, crowns and everything. Maybe Karl should have consulted me? After all I studied Greek Culture!


Please don’t judge my drawing skills,  it was my initiation in fashion design and sketching. I have improved since then 🙂

Anyways, you may watch and admire Chanel’s full collection here:

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