“I love you dad because you make me into a sausage”?

Yes, that was the card my five year old prepared at school and gave her father, my husband that is, for father’s day.  Let me explain. She enjoys being rolled up with the bed covers jumping around, pretending she’s a sausage roll, her father helps her roll her blanket firmly around her tiny body. Then the sausage (meaning my daughter) is trying to slip out of the roll to avoid being eaten by the monster (my husband then takes the role of the monster chasing her around the house). So my daughter loves her father cause he’s making her into a sausage roll.


Simple. One of the simplest reasons to love your father. Don’t laugh. I mean it. Just think about it.

Isn’t it your father who tries to armor you for the difficult situations you are going to face in life? He’s the family figure who holds a distance, yet he’s always there to cover you with his protection blanket, in fact squeeze you in sometimes to the point that you won’t have room to breath. Just go as a teenager and ask him straight forward to let you come back from the party at 3 a.m. Tell him that your friend is driving you back. NO WAY. You know in such cases you have to use the “medium” to get things done and that’s your mother. That’s how you escape out of his protection roll. You know fathers are always over-protective and mothers are always over-reacting. What to do. Nature.

Doesn’t your mum from time to time call your father a monster? OK, you know she really doesn’t mean it and probably he did something and has pushed her angry buttons as most men do to their wives. But you have seen him showing his “ugly” face to some ex-boyfriend of yours at some point. Or he might have chased you around the coffee table threatening that he’s going to razor cut your hair cause you have been rude or disrespectful. The monster game in action.

Isn’t your father who tries his best to give you ways to slip out of your cocoon?  How many times in your life have you heard the phrase: “Go get a work and earn a living”. Enough said.

I surely love my father for many reasons. Above all, I love him cause he has made me into a sausage but a slippery one, no-one is ever going to catch 🙂

To all dads I hope you had a great father’s day. I miss my dad, he’s now miles away. But I am sure he is in good hands, my brother’s and my sister’s ones. (and mum’s too but the post is about fathers! Mum you will have to wait for your turn in mother’s day!)

And if you enjoy reading about a dad’s world then I would suggest you follow dorkdaddy.  Go check his list of simple things he asked for father’s day!

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